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Monday, January 25, 2010

You should be asking your divorce attorney what you can do to keep divorce costs down.

This is such an important question. Every divorce has different levels of easy to solve and hard to solve problems. We want to give you your money's worth when you are represented by us. Sometimes, the spouses are a big factor in the cost level. If the hurt and anger are too intense, people can do things that make matters worse and harder to work out. Sometimes if one or both of the attorneys are not well focused on exploring creative ways to solve the dispute, the case can just get mired in legal papers, letter writing, and client billing that can be avoided. Keep in mind that some of this is what lawyers do in the court process of getting a divorce completed, but good ones will also counsel you on alternative ways to solve problems that are not just best for you and your children, but are also easier on the wallet too. You also come into play in the cost factor by talking with your attorney. Don't just listen to them, speak to them too. Here in our office, we always try to understand our client's wishes, but we can't read minds. At the Tamanini Law Office, we approach each divorce differently, but the system is very similar. First, we try to learn what you want out of the divorce. Then we gather data, and with those, we try to develop a plan of action for each individual client. That plan depends on the information you give us. So, we'll actually give you "homework" sometimes when you can help us gather personal information such as bank accounts or the assets or debts of the family that you know about. Once we develop a plan for you, we'll use it until we actually begin negotiating with the other side. When we negotiate, we'll try to settle out of court to save you money. When you retain us, talk with us about these things. We listen to you before we take action on your behalf. In conclusion, you can help keep costs down by working with us as a team. When you disagree on our suggested solutions, give us your alternative approach. Together we can try to control the cost of getting such an important undertaking done at reasonable cost.



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